On how to win at Tradera (or any other auction site really)

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Hello. Thanks for clicking on this clickbait headline. Have you ever felt sad and despondent at always losing out on your bids? Have you ever wondered on how some people constantly get to win auctions whereas you’re always outbid? Boy, have I got the solutions for you. (For legal purposes, these may not be the […]

A PSA to change your DNS

There’s a lot of great reasons why you should change your computers DNS. This is a reminder to do it. here’s the how here’s the why and here’s the recommendation of which DNS to go for The How PC Mac Android iOS PC Go to the Control Panel. Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. […]

Open Source Projects To Get Behind

I’m a big fan of Open source software. I think the fact that there are products out there that allow people to use, share and modify them as they like is brilliant. There are several reasons to use open source software. Chief of which, for me, is that the software is not tied to any […]

Ten Cover Songs That Are (Arguably) Better Than The Original

I was listening to When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin when on a whim i decided to google the song. Turns out that it’s a cover. The original song was written by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe Mccoy (no, I don’t know who they are either) in 1929. Which led me to wonder – […]

Kaizen – The Art of Continuous Improvement

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan and to the art of continuous improvement – Kaizen. Kaizen per se is a Japanese Business Philosophy – it’s a tool to improve quality, productivity, safety, and workplace culture. So how can this help in lifestyle improvement if it is a business concept you may wonder. Let’s take a look at […]

Lifestyle World Series: Cultural Practices Around the World

Welcome to the Lifestyle World Series! In this series we’ll take a look at different cultural practices around the world. Practices which might lead to personal growth or instigate a lifestyle change. Simple things that might help transform yourself. If not a change then at the very least provide some insight into cultures around the […]

Kintsugi – The art of mending

Of course we all need to be a little more concerned for Johnny Polar Bear. Coastal sites are at risk of flooding, ice caps are melting and the weather is being super unpredictable right now. Also, that’s my segue into Kintsugi. Last week I broke a serving plate. Normally that would be that, but it […]


or Why we need to create art There is a place in Sweden, a little south of Stockholm, called skogskyrkogården or The Woodland Cemetery. This is a beautiful place, UNESCO has even granted it world heritage status. And as you walk among the rows of decorated gravestones, you find one that is largely unmarked. It […]

To be or Not to be

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion… Nelson Mandela These are words by Nelson Mandela from his book “Long Walk to Freedom” and quite recently it was a trending twitter post by former American President Barack Obama. What is it about these […]

The Procrastinator’s Craft

Before we begin, I have some disclaimers to make: I’m not a professional. I am just a guy who got over procrastination. Something that works for me, or someone else, does not mean that it’ll work for you; it doesn’t have to. We are unique after all. This post has been inspired by this TED […]