The Cottage on the Left

It’s always difficult to find a place to stay when moving to a new city. My work as a journalist meant I was always on the move, never staying in a place for more than a couple of months. This naturally made it difficult to find a decent place for an affordable price. Finding the […]

That was us – Her Day Out

We decided to go out. It was a sudden plan, made in the morning. I asked her if she wanted to go out with me and she said yes, without a second thought. I remember the first time I took her out. I wasn’t sure at that time. She came to the place for the […]

That was us

I kissed her on her forehead. She slept peacefully on the bed, wrapped up in blankets. I wanted her to watch the New Year fireworks with me – that was our initial plan. I climbed out of the bed and pulled back the curtains. I could watch the neighbor’s backyard. They were preparing to welcome […]

Consider Getting the New Microsoft PowerToys.

PowerToys started off as a bunch of utilities made for Microsoft Windows 95 by individuals not affiliated to Microsoft but endorsed by the company nonetheless. Whew! They were intended to be used by Windows ‘power users’ looking to change the way the operating system functions. This meant that there was the unintended side effect of […]