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Some Thoughts on Time

There’s that school of thought that believes time is just a social construct, and as such contains no meaning if we choose not to deem it valuable. But then again aren’t most things social constructs?

But we know time exists and that it moves forward, and that it shall continue to do so till the eventual heat death of the universe.

So what?

Why does that matter at all? Consider cooking, time is what makes the difference from the flesh falling off the bone, to meat still being raw and under-cooked. This may be the case for most things too.

You give someone enough time, and they may prove themselves to be more capable than you’d ever imagined. Certainly the converse is also true. – but that’s not a very nice way of looking at things. That brings me to work in general, and by work I mean a craft. Not necessarily that 9-5 thing a lot of people have.

I also understand this might read more like a stream of consciousness post than an actual essay.

So time, that one commodity starts when we are born, and the only thing we can only truly ever freely give. If you love something you give your time to it. Perhaps that is what makes art. The time devoted. Not the fancy splash of paint, or the studies involved. But the time spent in splashing that paint, the time spent in study.

Then there’s that time wasted. doing nothing, waiting for something, spent lounging in idleness. Not to say that being idle is a bad thing. One needs time for oneself after all, but there is a fine line between utilizing time to better oneself in introspection, and time wasted.

There no dearth of time, but we don’t have enough of it that we can afford to waste it. we just need to use it better.Use it to create good work, something that’ll make you happy, produce art.

The universe isn’t going to stop it’s march toward entropy. We shouldn’t stop creating.

After all we have no time to waste.