Occasional Posts


To my sister,
and my best friend.

We’ve fought a lot but that’s only because
we both believed in our ideas a little too strongly
You more than most

You’ve got that soft soft exterior,
so friendly and approachable,
but you’ve got that
glint in your eye like cold cold steel
if someone were foolish enough to cross you.

You just want to help people
(and I remember thinking it would be nice
to help me too sometimes)
and most everyone I know has looked up to you.
My friends,
your friends,
My teachers (That has always struck me as odd).

Why can’t I be more like you, they say?
I don’t think anyone has told them
that perfection was only meant for a few.

I like that you are immovable
when you’ve set your mind
on something.
Mine usually wanders and I can never find
where I’ve left it.

I like that you’re someone who’s been
larger than life in my eyes.
I’ve needed idols in my life,
and you were up to the challenge.

You keep taking my t-shirts, but that’s fine –
I’ve taken enough of your stuff
when we were younger.
I don’t remember you complaining.
They look better on you anyway.

Please understand
that when I get on your nerves,
it is just me doing my purpose on earth
as your younger sibling.

Your little brother
who adores you.