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Some Rhythm and Blues

You walk into a club,
And see fate at the door.
He’s holding it wide for you,
Overcome, your jaw hits the floor.

He greets you like a friend would –
All charming and nice.
His real motives hidden.
His eyes glazed like ice.

‘Welcome to the club, kid,’
He says with a smile.
That smile brightens his cold face.
You think of listening a while.

‘This club is life, kid,
And I’m on your side.’
You don’t believe him though,
His eyes – they glow of strife.

This is an illusion, you feel,
All this friendliness and show.
Fate and life has never been,
This good to you, you know.

He says, ‘allow me to speak,’
As though he wasn’t speaking before.
‘I’ll show you what the world is,
Life and it’s unheard lore.’

He states, ‘life is a dance, kid,’
‘A battlecry,
Sometimes you win your fights –
Sometimes you die.’

‘Life doesn’t pick sides,’ he says,
‘It doesn’t choose,
If you’re winning – win big,
If you lose, you lose.’

His eyes dig deep
Hard into your soul
You understand what he’s saying
But what of your role?

‘You may fall down kid,
I’ve seen you in your shoes.
But that’s what life is,
A little rhythm and some blues.’