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The Goddess

My mum isn’t a philanthropist,
But she believes in giving.
She will give her last drop of blood, of sweat,
if that helps.

My mum isn’t a saint.
But you could walk through the furnaces of hell,
with your hand in her hand,
and come out unharmed

My mum isn’t the strongest in the world.
I know that,
But the strength she radiates is that of a thousand suns
that devour the sky.

My mum is an icon of womanhood.
A paragon of virtue.
An irreplaceable teacher, an omniscient guide.
She walks in beauty and is surrounded by grace.
with wisdom unsurpassable, truth in her ways.

My mother is my goddess,
and she has shown me how to love,
how to live, how to care for, and how to give.

Happy mother’s day Ma.

This one’s yours.

I love you.