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The Roguelike list (2021)

You’ll probably want to bookmark this one. The list gets updated whenever we find ourselves playing a lot of a particular roguelike. To make things simpler, the list isn’t in any particular order, but newer games are more likely to be at the top.

So without further ado:

HADES – 2020

This is a good game y’all.

Supergiant games are known for their really great action games which are heavy on narrative supported by amazing background music. Where Hades is different though is that it’s the company’s first roguelike. Still a masterpiece though.

The game beautifully weaves a gripping story into its fight, die and try again mechanic. The voice acting is superb and the art is simply gorgeous.

Hades stands as a testament to what roguelikes should be and that’s no mean feat when standing up to the others on the list.

Slay the Spire – 2019

At it’s very core slay the spire is a deck building game. And no, it’s nothing like hearthstone.

Here, you pick a run as a character; of which there are three with different abilities. Each character only has a starting deck and as your fight enemies with the deck you can add more cards to it as you go on. The cards themselves are extremely simple to understand and use, but they build up in the long run with some really great synergies.

Megacrit games’ embrace of deck builders and archetypes for their roguelike ensures that the player is left engaged and addicted to that maybe this time mentality.

Darkest Dungeon – 2016

Red Hook Games takes inspiration for their roguelike from dungeon crawlers. Also this game is difficult and you; or rather your heroes will die. A lot.

In darkest dungeon you command a group of adventurers to move from room to room in a dungeon that hold untold horrors. However, the game doesn’t end there. What your adventurers experience in the their travel ends up affecting them and it’s up to you to decide what their fates will be.

The game itself has a high skill floor, so it takes some time to learn the ropes but is all in all a sadistically challenging, but rewarding, experience.

FTL: Faster than Light – 2012

Okay so remember how I said Darkest Dungeon was difficult? FTL is more of the same. It’s less horror sim and more really hard micromanagement.

Developer subset games has somehow found a way to make management of a spacecraft (with constantly having to keep an eye on power, crew and rooms) interesting without having to compromise on gameplay.

You always feel just this close to failure and every encounter is somehow won by the skin of your teeth and that’s a really exciting place to be.

Spelunky 2 – 2020

The original spelunky (2008) was probably the game that brought roguelikes to the modern era and indie gaming. In fact it even features in several editorials best games of all time ever lists.

In spelunky, you get better each time you play and the game itself doesn’t try to make you quit in despair or revel in defeat. Instead it’s a game about exploration and playing cards in your favour.

It’s sequel Spelunky 2 is just more of the same goodness. Just prettier and much bigger.

We miss out on some of your favorites? Let us know.