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That was us

I kissed her on her forehead. She slept peacefully on the bed, wrapped up in blankets. I wanted her to watch the New Year fireworks with me – that was our initial plan. I climbed out of the bed and pulled back the curtains. I could watch the neighbor’s backyard. They were preparing to welcome the New Year with fireworks. I watched a woman holding her baby, both watching  the others run into their houses and back.

She had a wide smile on her face while the baby looked perplexed. I turned back to look at my phone. 3 minutes to midnight! I made myself comfortable in my jacket. The atmosphere was cold but I never turned the boiler on as it made me sweat quicker. I waited for the clock to strike 12.

The fireworks began. The city was celebrating the new year. I watched the neighbors again as they started to light their collections. I had always loved fireworks and I wished she would watch it with me. I would have watched the fireworks in her happy eyes. I turned to look back at her again, sleeping peacefully.

She didn’t even twitch while the city was welcoming another year. I watched the fireworks and the happy neighbors for a while and went back to my bed after drawing the curtains. I could see her silhouette on the bed in the darkness. I pulled the blankets to me as I laid down next to her. I could hear her peaceful breath near me. I ran my palm through her face holding back the hair on her forehead I kissed her on her forehead and cheeks whispering happy new year.

She was my best friend the last year, we had the best time together and now I have to leave her – in 6 days. I do not want to leave her, but I have to. I am not sure how much she knows about me leaving her or even if she will miss me after it. I wrap my arms around her bringing her closer. I reminisced the days with her.

She loved to eat from my plate and drink from my cup. We travelled together in the bus, I always tried to find her favorite spot on the upper deck in the front to get a full view of the city. She sang her favorite songs on the travel. She loved everything pink and she believes anything pink in the world is owned by her. I loved walking around the city center with her by the side. Sometimes, we were lucky enough to meet some cute animals and she loved to pet them on the way.

Only thing she could never control was her hunger. Once hungry, she would drop on the floor crying and I would have to pick her up in my arms to a nearby restaurant. Sometimes she would surprise me with the amount of food she consumed. I loved watching her chomping her food happily though.

As her little legs get tired after walking long, we would set to go back home. At times she would take rest on my shoulders, taking a nap on our journey back home. Some mornings, she would wake before me and try to open my eyelids with her tiny hands and she would say ‘it’s morning, let’s go down’ and I would lazily turn in bed.

When I am sad, she would pout at me and sometimes she would bring her toys to me to cheer me up or find the nearest object (mostly charging wires) and twist them into something new to make me smile. I loved her excited hops on me when I came back from a long trip. What makes me the happiest are the hugs and kisses from her.

Sometimes, she just wraps me in them. She is the naughtiest one among her siblings and makes a mess of everything but I never mind cleaning her mess. Everything she did was wrapped in love. I drifted off to sleep thinking about all our moments together. I woke up before the sun came up and watched her again still wrapped up in the blankets.

I gave her another kiss to which she twitched and opened her eyes. She looked at me and smiled.

‘Happy New Year Baby’, I said smiling.

She stared at me confused.

‘You missed the fireworks yesterday’, I told her.

‘I want to see the fireworks’, she moaned back getting up.

‘It’s ok, you can watch next year’, I said, planting another kiss on her cheek. I picked her up so I could brush her teeth and mine. She happily jumped on to me as I walked away to the bathroom preparing for a new day and a new year of 2020, not knowing what the future held for us.