To my sister,and my best friend. We’ve fought a lot but that’s only becausewe both believed in our ideas a little too stronglyYou more than most You’ve got that soft soft exterior,so friendly and approachable,but you’ve got thatglint in your eye like cold cold steelif someone were foolish enough to cross you. You just want […]

Some Rhythm and Blues

You walk into a club, And see fate at the door. He’s holding it wide for you, Overcome, your jaw hits the floor. He greets you like a friend would – All charming and nice. His real motives hidden. His eyes glazed like ice. ‘Welcome to the club, kid,’ He says with a smile. That […]

For Valentine’s

how do you measure beauty? or begin to grade grace? how do you tell your palpitating soul, to be still when it sees her face? her lovely doe eyes, her soft, subtle grin, her features get lost in translation, her one word to keep in. and anything she does, anything at all, is poetry in […]

On Cities

‘No place is boring’ The old man says. ‘But there’s nothing to do here, there’s only a handful of ways’ I say ‘to go to places worth seeing, to go to places worth being, that aren’t old, tired or worn, places still frequented, places still known.’ The old man considers me and continues with a sigh, […]